Month: May 2018

Notes (017) : Economists

For archive (Updated on February 13, 2019) Distinguished Economists Burma produced several distinguished economists. They include the following. Professor Erza Solomon Chair, Department of Economics, Stanford University Author of “The Theory of Financial Management” Advisor for President Nixon Dr. Hla Myint  Ph.D in Economics from LSE (London School […]

Notes (120) : UTC

The Universities’ Training Corp (UTC) offers basic military training to sayas and students. During our days, UTC offers an incentive. With a UTC ID, one gets a discount for seeing movies, One pays 90 pyas for the K1.50 class. The equipment provided are not brand new. Many opt […]

Trivia (0023) : RU Estate

Rangoon University Estate included the following (with name changes and/or structural changes over the years). Rangoon College Judson College BOC College Convocation Hall Administrative Offices Housing for sayas Hostels for male and female students RUSU (Rangoon University Students’ Union) Sanatorium (Tekkatho Hospital) RU Gymnasium Tekkatho Dhammayone RUBC (Rangoon […]

Notes (124) : History

During our school days we had to learn World History (Feudal system, Renaissance, …) and Burmese History (called “Yazawin”and renamed as “Thamaing”). Later, after hearing from the Thin sayas, Myin sayas, and Kyar sayas, I became interested in some aspects of history : History of computers and computing, […]

Trivia (0025) : Memory

Mingun Sayadaw U Vicittasarabhivamsa (GBNF) was listed in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for his phenomenal memory. When Burma hosted the Sixth Buddhist Council in 1954 – 56 to commemorated the 2500th year of the “Sasana Calendar”, Sayadaw acted as the “Reciter” of the Tipitaka (Triple Basket […]