Month: May 2018

Trivia (0060) : Learning

There are several ways to classify learning. One example is the Four Pillars of Learning: Learning to know both formal (via schooling) and informal (via senses) Learning to do both formal (via a mentor or supervisor) and informal Learning to be e.g. a professional (doctor, engineer, scientist, public […]

Notes (059) : Burmese

Oriental Studies Per request of Sayagyi U Pe Maung Tin, the Burmese Department was formed as a Sub-department of the Department of Oriental Studies (Ah Shay Taing Pyinnya). Burmese Department A few years later, it became a separate Department. U E Maung Saya U E (pronounced “Aye”) Maung […]

Notes (058) : Apples

There are 100+ varieties of apples. Most are eaten fresh. Some are eaten as salad. Some are cooked or made into pie or sauce. Grannie Smith was chosen by the Beatles for the logo of their company “Apple Records”. Steve Wozniak (“Woz”) and Steve Jobs formed “Apple” Company […]

UCC (006) : Compilation [6]

This is a compilation of Memories of UCC from (38) to (42). Memories of UCC (38) Burmese typing, spelling, and word processing During our lifetime, we have witnessed many examples of “Technical Obsolescence” and “Disruptive Technologies”. Typewriters English Typewriter Remington produced typewriters for English. There are other typewriter […]