National Language Center

For archive (Updated on February 12, 2019)


The National Language Center (NLC) at the University of Maryland College Park generates resources for teaching and learning languages.

It adds a number of language courses every year to its collection.


At one end of the spectrum is a set of languages used by the “majority” of US residents. Some are potential candidates for use as a second language in the US the schools.

At the other end of the spectrum is a set of languages used by the “minority” of US residents.

Burmese Language Project

A few years back, Burmese/Myanmar was chosen as a project.

The scope was to develop lessons for (a) listening comprehension and (b) reading comprehension.

Sources would include broadcasts from VOA (and other stations with Burmese program) for listening comprehension, and selected Burmese publications for reading comprehension.

Transcripts (using NLC’s preferred font) and English translation are to be provided for the lessons.

The lessons were to be offered free to (a) Federal agencies (b) Federal employees (c) selected schools and students.

I received a call from the project coordinator to help with the Burmese Language project. She accepted me as Language Expert and Reviewer. She would send me five (to ten) lessons at a time for review.

Most translators were non-Burmese (probably studying and/or researching Burmese). I provided a detailed report for the first few lessons. The translator would “correct” thr translation and the revised lesson would be sent back to me. I received $25 for each lesson.

As a developer, I received free access to NLC online library for a year.


NLC later changed to the subscription model.

Any individual can now subscribe to the resources for a fee (typically $5 a month).

There is a discount for group subscription.

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