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Zero sum game

  •  In a two person zero sum game, there is usually a winner and a loser.      
  • In multiple person zero sum game, there is usually some winners and some losers.      

Tie breaker

In some competitions, there is a tie-breaker to ensure that there are no joint winners. Examples :      

  • If two competitors in a class end up lifting equal weights, the lighter person wins.      
  • If two soccer teams are tied at the end of regulation and also at the end of overtime, penalty kicks are taken to decide the winner.      
  • In ice hockey, some games are decided by a shoot-out.
  • One or more overtime periods may be necessary to break the tie in a basketball game.      
  • One or more innings may be necessary to break the tie in a baseball game.
  • One or more holes may be necessary to break the tie in a golf championship.


We can have a Win-Win strategy.

For example :   By offering elite professional to work remotely, a company can built up a strong talent pool. The employees do not have to relocate from their preferred environment.      

Four Wins

We may try out the Four Wins strategy.

  • Win for oneself
  • Win for one’s family
  • Win for one’s work and/or company
  • Win for one community

For example, one might join Toastmasters to improve one’s communication and leadership skills. One learns about the importance of listening, effective evaluation, role taking, and time management.

Some Toastmasters ask their spouse and children to join Toastmasters.

Some Toastmasters leverage their skills at work and community. Some try to host Toastmasters club at their work and in the community.

One’s skills could and should enable Four Wins.

One should look at the big picture. If one cares only for oneself and ignore the needs of others, a “win” for oneself might result in a “loss” for one’s family, company or community.

High price for individual success?

The price of being a successful astronaut is high.

  • One has to train extensively in a place far from the family.
  • One has to wait for years for the first mission. A minor health problem may result in losing a ticket to space.
  • From one report, only three (or so) of the 30 (or more) astronauts remained with their spouses after the arduous program.

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