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Ko Soe Win (EP69) was Captain of the RIT Basketball team. Ko Tommy was a member of that team.

Ma San San Myint (Helen, T69) rooted for the RASU Basketball team. Ko Sam Wu played not only for RASU, but also for Black Cat and the Burma Selected.

Saya U Thein Han (RIT Maths) was a Selection in his student days.

Basketball was “invented” at YMCA Massachusetts in 1861 by James Naismith. He later wrote the rules for the game.

The five-on-five is most common. There are also three-on-three, two-on-two, and one-on-one.

Basketball championships include (a) NCAA Tournament (“March Madness”) (b) NBA Post-season (late April to mid June) (c) Summer Olympics (d) World Championship.

Point Guard handles the ball and usually distributes it to “open” players. Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Steph Curry are some of the well-known Point Guards who won MVP (Most Valuable Player) award.

Shooting Guard is an excellent scorer. PG and SG form the back court. Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls to six NBA Championships. There were two 3-repeats. A documentary is in the works.

Small Forward, Power Forward and Center Forward form the back court.

Scottie Pippen, as Small Forward, helped Michael Jordan win six Championships. Dennis Rodman, rebounding Champion, was Power Forward on three Chicago Bulls Championship teams.

Wilt Chamberlain, famed Center, scored 90+ points in a single game. Bill Russell (Boston Celtics) won 11 NBA titles as player and coach.

The techniques evolve over the years. The “Triangle Offense” of the Chicago Bulls gave over to the “Small Line-up” (without a “true” center). 3-point shooting (from beyond the arc) now make or break games. For some plays, three or four guards are used.

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