UCC Compilation [4]

Updated on March 9, 2019

This is a compilation of Memories of UCC from (27) – (33).

Memories of UCC (27)

Some found their loved ones while working or studying at UCC. The following is a partial list of UCC Couples:

  • U Win Myint and Daw Nu Nu Aung
  • Kyi Win and Daw Thiri Nyunt Wai
  • Thein Oo and Daw Than Than Tint
  • U Boe Ba Shan and Daw Phyu Phyu Win (Singapore)
  • Dr. Soe Than and Daw Wai Wai Than (USA)
  • U Myint Swe  and Daw Nge Ma Ma Than (GBNF)
  • U Myint Zaw and Daw Nwe Nwe Win
  • U Sein Myint Maung  and Daw Khin Aye Mu (Australia)
  • U Htay Aung and Daw Tin Tin Hlaing  (Australia)
  • U Sein Myint and Daw Sao Mon Sint (USA)
  • U Kyaw Zwa Than and Daw Khin Khin Kyu (USA)
  • U Aung Myint Oo and Daw Thida Khin (USA)
  • U Myint Oo and Daw Tin Tin Hla
  • U Thaung Tin and Daw Tin Tin Aye
  • U Than Tun (USA) and Daw Hla Hla Win (GBNF)
  • U Aung Aung and Daw Kyin Mya (Singapore)
  • U Than Maung Maung and Daw Khin Si Thaung (USA)
  • U Win Hlaing  and Daw Thida Kyi

Memories of UCC (28)

GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten)

The following is a partial list of GBNF who worked or studied at UCC.

Dr. Tin Maung

Saya DTM succeeded Saya Chit as Director of UCC. During Saya’s tenure, DCS (Department of Computer Science) with Saya Lay as Professor.

Later, ICST (Institute of Computer Science and Technology) was established with Saya asector. Subsequent Rectors include Saya Thein  and Saya Pyke.

U Ko Ko Lay

Saya Paing, Saya Myo and Saya Lay helped Saya Chit to found UCC. Saya studied BSCE and MSCE at Stanford University, US and Masters in Systems Engineering at University of Lancaster, UK. Saya worked as Assistant Engineer at PWD (Public Works Department) before transferring to UCC. Saya served as Operations Manager, Scientific Applications Manager, Professor at DCS and ICST.

U Mya Thein

He joined the Department of Commerce, Institute of Economics. He transferred to UCC as Business Applications Programmer. He served as Business Applications Manager. He taught not only at UCC, DCS and ICST, but also at ITBMU (International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University).

Kyein (U Kyaw Nyein)

He joined UCC as Scientific Applications Programmer. He taught Numerical Methods and/or Numerical Analysis. He did further studies in UK. He joined UN (as a UNV …). During one UN assignment, he and his team had to be “relocated” due to “war/conflict” in the area.

U Win Naing)

He was an SS (Science Scholar) in Mathematics. He attended the 1st batch of M.Sc. (CS) with the Systems Option.

Pauk Si (U Hla Min, CO, SPHS 64, EP70)

He joined UCC as Chief Operator. He attended a postgraduate course in UK, where he met his beloved one, who was attending an advanced course in Nursing. He passed away at the tender age (around 35 years).

Sunlun Kappiya (U Soe Myint, M72)

He joined UCC as Operator. He attended DAC. He had training in US (on graphics …). He taught Mechanical Drawing, AutoCAD … to ICST students. He retired as Pro-Rector.

He also served as Gawpaka of the Swel Daw Pagoda. He passed recently around 3 AM. In his final day, he visited Kaba Aye Sun Lun Kyaung twice, and then comforted his nephew and niece, who were undergoing dialysis.

U Khin Maung Aye (M73)

He attended MEHS (Methodist English High School) and RIT. He attended the 1st batch of M.Sc. (CS) with Applications Option. He joined the Burma Railways.

U Myint Aung (Admin)

He would often drive the E-2000 ferry. He is a close friend of Ko Khin Maung Zaw’s father. He lived to be 80+.

U Shein Soe Myint (EC83)

He is a classmate of Ko Thaung Tin (KMD) and Ko Tha Hlaing. He is the son of Saya U Hla Myint (Mathematics, Institute of Economics). He served in various capacities at UCC (Engineering, Teaching …). He passed away in Singapore while doing his Ph.D.

U Thein Tan

He attended M.Sc. (CS). He is a close friend of Ko Zaw Tun.

AAT (U Aung Aung Thein)

He is the elder brother of U Kyaw Kyaw Thein. He is a colleague of Ko Kyaw Zwar Soe. He served in various capacities at UCC (Engineering, Teaching …)

U Tin Nyein

He joined UCC as “offline operator”. He transferred to Burma Ports Corporation, PTC [or similar] Computer Section as a Programmer.

Daw Khin Lay Myint (Admin)

She joined UCC as Secretary. She transferred as Admin Officer. I met her the last time at the 40th Anniversary of UCC.

Daw Kyu Kyu Lwin

She served as “ad hoc” Tutor for Mathematics Department. She worked for the Operations Division. She transferred to SSB (Social Security Board) Computer Section as Programmer.

Daw Win May Thaung

She is a cousin of my middle school class mate Ronnie Hla Maung (SPHS). She worked for the Operations Division.

Daw Khin Mya Swe

She completed M.Sc. (CS). She worked in Lesotho (or similar).

Toe Toe (Daw Khin Toe Nyein)

She completed M.Sc. (CS). Her classmates include Pale (Pearl) Shein, Thet Htar Su and San Yu Hlaing.

Daw Thida Aung

She completed M.Sc. (CS). Her classmates include Thida Khin, Mu Mu Myint, and Mar Mar Soe.

Cynthia (Daw Khin San Hlaing)

She joined UCC as Librarian. She attended M.Sc. (CS). She worked at (or attended) AIT (Asian Institute of Technology). She migrated to Australia.

Note :

Several who attended DAC, COC, CPC … are GBNF. They include Ohn Thee (Ko Ohn Thwin, PTC), Ko Soe Win (Met & Hydro), and Ko Myat Soe (Irrigation).

Memories of UCC (29)

Some Doctorates

Saya TAG

He received his Ph.D from UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign). He worked for companies (mostly Defense Contractors). He is still working (often on multiple projects).

Joe Than

He studied at University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom and received his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in the United States. He worked at VMI (Virginia Military Institute). He is currently working in the Washington, D.C, (District of Columbia). He recently visited Myanmar for two months.

Bo Htay

He studied at Imperial College in the United Kingdom and received his Ph.D from LSU (Louisiana State University), Baton Rouge in the United States. He worked at VMI (Virginia Military Institute). He is currently working at Radford University in Virginia. He served as Chair of the Regional ACM Programming Contest. He is currently offering his expertise (for curriculum development …) at UCSY (University of Computer Science Yangon). His volunteer assignment is for three months (January to March, 2018).


He studied at AIT (Asian Institute of Technology) in Thailand and USC (University of Southern California) in the United States. He worked at University of Maryland, Hewlett Packard and Oracle USA. He is currently managing Oracle Cloud Computing Project. He was a Keynote speaker at an AIT Commencement Ceremony.


He did his M.Sc. (CS) at UCC. He received his Ph.D in EE (Electrical Engineering) from Syracuse University. He taught part-time at SJSU (San Jose State University). He was never late to his classes, so when HLN did not show up for a couple of classes, his students were worried. I have covered the saga of his “untimely death” and the subsequent “Burial at sea” in Santa Cruz. I had the “honor” of pushing the button that fired the incinerator.

Fast forward. I took a trip to New Jersey to attend the mini-gathering for RIT & UCC. There were several hitches that day. The flight was delayed because the airline’s computer system has been hacked and required time to restore the “back up”. The backlog of airplanes “forced” our plane to go to (of all places) SYRACUSE to re-fuel and wait until order has been restored at the New Jersey airport. My spouse “joked” that HLN might have wanted us to visit the place where he studied for his doctorate.

Memories of UCC (30)

Prime Mover

Saya Chit was a firm believer of “Technology Transfer”, “Leapfrogging Technology”, and “Lifelong Learning”.

Saya initiated several programs for Technology Transfer.

Lectures and Seminars by Experts in the Theory and Practice of Computing,Computer Science, Computer Technology and Computer Applications.

Note :

Saya Paing has a list of the Experts.


Academic courses given under the aegis of Department of Mathematics

M.Sc. (CS)

DAC (Diploma in Automatic Computing) : DAC courses were held in the morning (7 AM to 9 AM)

Courses for computer users :

COC (Computer Orientation Course)

CPC (Computer Programming Course)

Elective for Honors and Post-graduate in other disciplines

Intensive training (e.g. for the Population Census Data Processing)

Special training (e.g. for those selected as State Scholars)

Planning (e.g. for departments intending to purchase computers)

Saya or Student

I have been a saya of my sayas. Some (e.g. Saya U Lin (M)) attended DAC. Some (e.g. Saya U Khaing Oo (EE)) attended the “crash course” for State Scholars. I have been a student of my students. I had to take a course on “how to fill in the long and short forms for collecting Population Census Data”. Some instructors had attended regular and special courses at UCC.

Memories of UCC (31)

Fun At UCC

The ICL 1902S does not support Time Sharing. Batch Processing takes some time. It also gives opportunity to those working in the evening shift to take part in some sports.


Ping Pong (Table Tennis) : Ko Saung Tin (CSO, San Pya Bread), Ah Thay Lay, … are star players

Volleyball : Rafi hurt his knee due to a bad landing after a spike. Judy fills in a team, where there are only five male players

Soccer (Football) : ad hoc match against other teams


UCC Dobat : Ko Win Hlaing, Mg Myint, U Hla Pe …

Thingyan : Water throwing. [sometimes] Ah Hlu for UCC Donlaba (temporary monks)

Excursion : Saya Zaw led some excursion trips (e.g. Maw Tin Soon). Grapevine says that it bonded some to become love birds.

Memories of UCC (32)

Sojourn In Sagaing Hills

Ma Ma Mi (Daw Khin Khin Latt) is from Sagaing. She wanted Saya Chit to be a temporary monk (Donlaba Yahan) at a monastery in Sagaing Hills. Some monastery compounds are named after the towns in Irrawaddy Delta. Ko Myint Oo and I offered to be temporary monks with Saya Chit.

Two Types Of Ordination

There are two phases to become a monk : (a) Novitiation (Shin Pyu) or “Lower Ordination” to become a “Ko Yin” (novice) (b) “Thane Wyn” or “Higher Ordination” in a Sima (Thane) to become an Upazin. At least five monks are needed to conduct the “Higher Ordination”. Ten monks are needed for conducting Higher Ordination in “Mizzima Detha” (in India). In Yangon, the ceremony takes 15 – 30 minutes. The final part is an Exhortation by the Preceptor. As Mentor to the newly ordained monk, the Preceptor shares his knowledge and gives advice. This session may be long if the monk intends to stay for life (or for a long time). When the Preceptor learned that Saya Chit is a renowned Professor and the Founder/Director of UCC, he gave “extra” attention by exhorting for “close to three hours”. Sayadaw enjoyed illuminating Saya Chit. Since I could barely squat, I was “offered” a pillow to rest my knees and I was allowed to “kneel down” on the pillow.

Ad Hoc Tourist Guide

After a week of monk hood, we returned to our lay life sans (without) our hair. Ko Myint Oo is a social animal. He knew two “Guides” from “Tourist Burma”. At least one of them was new. They had a reasonably tough assignment. They had to show an American student (in his senior year at a New York University) trying to write a first-hand report about the “Buddhist” artifacts in and around Sagaing. The Guides requested help from Ko Myint Oo. Ko Myint Oo shunted and in a moment I became a volunteer tourist guide explaining (to the best of my knowledge) Buddhism & rites and rituals.

Final Remarks

I am a Jack of all trades, but Master of some.

Memories of UCC (33)

What’s In A Name?

Some names have a wonderful history.

Saya Pyke’s name (Dr. Pyke Tin) literally “remain on a [fishing] net”. Grape vine says that Saya’s mother had a few miscarriages. When Saya was conceived, his mother wanted to make sure that Saya would be born safe and sound. She performed a “Yadaya” (a rite to warn off the evil and prevent mishap) . She requested a close friend or relative to hold a “net” and “catch” Saya (in her imagination).


Some pregnant women would go to “extreme” to have a “Yadaya” that ensures a safe birth of the child. Grapevine says that one woman crawled into a “relatively large” pipe under a road and asked her friends to have an elephant walk [supposedly] on top of the pipe and [indirectly] her. The fact that “Even an elephant cannot cause harm to the mother and her child inside” boosts the morale and confidence of the would-be mother.

Saya Pyke

Saya received his Ph.D from Monash University, Australia. The dissertation is based on Stochastic Processes (and related topics). For many years, Saya served as Reviewer for research papers. I had the opportunity to “audit” the “Linear Programming” course by Saya to Mathematics students. I cherish Saya’s teaching style. I also worked with Saya and others (U Sein Min, U Soe Nyunt, …) on the “new” High School Mathematics Project headed by Saya Chit. Saya Pyke succeeded Saya Thein as Rector.

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