Changes in Education

For archive (Updated on February 27, 2019)

The following are just examples.

In the old system, Matriculation students can take

Lower Burmese (for a restricted time)

Optional Burmese

Optional English

Additional Mathematics

One extra subject (as insurance)

In the old system, University students can


switch from one discipline to another

e.g. Engineering back to Medicine, Pure Science, Arts …

take Double Maths and Triple Maths (Pure, Applied, Statistics)

join B.L, B.ED, … (after their Bachelors)

3-year Honors (after Intermediate)

2-year General Honors (after Intermediate)

In the new system, Matriculation students

take six prescribed subjects based on Science or Arts option

e.g. Burmese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (for Science option)

5-year Law degree

5-year Education degree

can apply for SS (Science Scholarship)

bypass the Intermediate and are admitted directly to the Institutes

[for some time]

admitted using the controversial ILA (Intelligence Level Aggregate)

The newer systems tried

Regional College

Moving some disciplines to the Ministry of Science and Technology

“Compressed” academic terms [to make up for the school closure]

Proliferation of Colleges and TUs

“Hybrid” nomenclature : Professor, Associate Professor, Lecturer (instead of Assistant Professor), …

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